Advisory services in purchase and sale of companies

Our team provides support during the transaction process through a variety of missions, from pre-deal stage to post-deal stage. We work on all sectors except for the financial sector (banking and insurance) and on companies with revenues ranging from 2m€ to 300m€. We don’t provide M&A services  (i.e. we do not seek out potential buyers or sellers).

Transactions advisory services

Pre-deal advisory services

- Sell-side assistance

- Advice on the preparation of the Letter of Intent (“LOI”)

Due diligence buy-side & sell-side

- Identification of the risks and opportunities of the business and the deal

- Analysis of price parameters (EBITDA, net debt, WC, etc.)

SPA support

- “Pre-signing”: negotiation of the price, closing mechanisms and financial guarantees, bearing in mind your commercial objectives 

- “Post-closing”: execution of the contract, price adjustments & leakage review, arbitration

Post-deal advisory services

- Design and set-up of financial tools

Examples of successful cases

Pre-deal advisory services

Preparation of combined financial statements and management reports for a Spanish group with 14 international subsidiaries prior to a sale process 

Due diligence projects buy-side and sell side

Due diligence projects on the acquisition of approximately 30 dental and aesthetic clinics in Spain and Portugal for a Spanish investment fund

SPA support
  • Pre-deal: negotiation of the price, closing mechanism and drafting of the financial clauses of the purchase agreement for a sovereign wealth fund from Singapore in the real estate market
  • Post-deal: calculation and negotiation of price adjustments and earn-outs for a French multinational operating in the professional services sector; arbitration for a Spanish publishing group in the acquisition of a business unit


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