Our team shares a vision of multiculturalism and accumulated experience working in Spain, Mexico, France, United Kingdom and Luxemburg, capable of collaborating in Spanish, English, French, or German.

Who we are


Stéphanie Le Vaillant Vignancour

With over 20 years of experience in the mergers and acquisitions market, I see our role as that of a facilitator, serving as a strategic partner to anticipate key points during negotiations developing arguments and defending our client’s interests by addressing negotiation roadblocks. Our role is based on a close, agile and pragmatic relationship


Roberto Alcantar Romero

At Prisme, our main objective is to ensure that our clients feel satisfied by receiving personalized support during the negotiation within a merger or acquisition process, taking into account their business strategy


Thomas Yvanoff

Each new project is a significant opportunity to contribute to the development of our clients’ strategy

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